It has been exactly 551 days since we have launched TPS. 551 days of pure fun and pvp mayhem. I have enjoyed owning TPS for almost two years, but today will be my final day as owner of ThePrisonServer. I really wish I could have ran this forever, but that isn't realistic. I would really love to thank everybody that has ever played on TPS, and I wish you the best with whatever you do in life. 

SHANKAPOTAMUS66- I really appreciate everything you did for TPS, you helped make TPS what it was. You were the one person to always help if I was busy or I needed help with something.
DudeImCampin- Trevor was a longtime warden that has been on and off on the server. He was a key part in building TPS 1 and I truly wish him the best in his future.
Laserguy22- Laser has really helped in the last few months of the server. He helped me with tasks that needed to be done and was a great co-admin.
Untamedbeast996- Untamed may be the most hated guard to ever play TPS, but he did a great job in keeping the server running smoothing and would like to thank you for every hour you spent making ThePrisonServer enjoyable.
Spikedude- He was the last one of the original guards to play. You were always super helpful, and a great person to talk too.
Chronincle- Even though you always annoyed the crap out of me, you were always fun to talk too. Good luck young lad.
The rest of staff- I am sorry I have not mentioned you individually, I still appreciate everything you have ever done on TPS. Please, if you ever need anything please message me, and I will do my best to help you out and repay you for all the help you have done for me.

I will not be selling any part of TPS, I am going to publicly release all of the TPS files so anyone can have a prison server. I will update this post when I release them.
[BR] Tyler_LFC The only reason the server is shutting down is because they are not able to make money off it any more because of the ne ...
[BR] CaramelTheHorse This was my first ever server..... To bad its being shut down It's just so wrong! Can't you put a new owner on?
MusicthekidRs to bad this server is now shut down this was my fav server i came here the most when i started even tho i complained alo ...
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