Judgement Day-

As many of you know, August 1st is the first step in the process of killing minecraft servers from mojang. August 1st to many people is a scary day that people worry that their favorite servers will close down forever. Well fans of TPS, you have nothing to worry about. Over the pass few years that we have been running TPS, we have acquired the necessary funds to run for a few more months. We ask if you would like to still donate, that you donate knowing that you are helping the server server stay alive and continue to be the same server it has always been.

Top Voters-

Here are the top 5 voters of July. If they didn't have a rank they have been promoted to Coal. Those who have already donated will be given a $10 Gift Card to our Store Thanks to everyone who voted this month. The votes have been reset. Good luck to next months winners. July's winners are posted below:

scly0107 - 126 votes
Jewzclues - 124 votes
SkyJemmy28 - 120 votes
ASRV17 - 76 votes
iolkos - 63 votes

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13 / 125
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Top Monthly Voters
117 votes
77 votes
77 votes
72 votes
53 votes
Bye guys : "0
How long is temp ban?
Heyyoo, is there a way to buy/earn the /back command. bc i'd realllyy like to have it :3 xD
hey how do u apply
C'mon can you make it so diamond and up can add I was going to donate for diamond or obsidian because emerald and br are way to expensive
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Happy Birthday!
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