50% OFF sale on all items in the server store until June 23! This is our biggest sale of the year so be sure to not miss out. Have fun and thanks for reading.

MusicthekidRs Danmit i missed out of a sale agein i hope i dont miss out on a better one!
49erboi Bdb why is said temp banned what did he do about the java sockket
[BR] Assassin878D Wow. $75 instead of $150 for Bedrock Donor rank. Better purchase!
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Dear Flameboy257 This is the reply, check your ping and fps...lag is your issue, The Lines that are red indicate PVP....lag will cause your chunks to de-rendering sending you back to last Rendered chunk
its really making me mad that i cant play on the server i can ply on another server but this on i wonder why it wont let me join? i knew that they where down this morning but i think that all server should be up and running by now.
why is the server down?
Hey guys, its been awhile, How is everyone doing?
( PLZ developer reply) there is a person named AustinR0115 has been killing people in no pvp areas with sand
You do not have access to shout
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